Welcome to the Electric Vehicles (EV) For Solar Website

We bring together clean solar power generation and clean
electric vehicles at the RET-Center in Windsor, Ontario. Our two solar
powered carports can charge electric or hybrid cars with
clean power and shade them at the same time. We have
level-1 120V and level-2 240V charge capability, and we
generate clean solar power from a total of 10kW of solar
photovoltaic generating capability, plus other off-grid systems.

We operate two EVs, work related, at the RET-Center.

7th Annual EV Gathering Event, 10th September 2016 at the RET-Center 

Come join us at the RET-Center on September 10th 2016 for our 7th Annual Electric Vehicle Event, in cooperation with the Windsor Essex Electric Vehicle Association (WEEVA). Take advantage of this free opportunity to learn about the future of clean transportation. Check out or clean energy displays while your at it!


Let Green Sun Rising supply your electric vehicle charging station. GSR offers two great models from Bosch, both available on-site and on display in our showroom at 1680 Kildare Road, Windsor, Ontario. 


The 6th EV gathering event at the RET-Center in 2015 was a success again, some links and photos below and on the following page.

CBC TV link with video regarding EV driving: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/windsor/windsor-electric-car-club-going-strong-but-industry-isn-t-experts-say-1.3087569

CBC Radio link with talk about EVs: http://www.cbc.ca/player/Radio/Local+Shows/Ontario/Windsor+Morning/ID/2667885546/

WWF magazine "The Circle" with an article about EVs and solar energy for the North: (pages 24 to 26) http://d2ouvy59p0dg6k.cloudfront.net/downloads/thecircle0115.pdf


Impression from the 2015 EV gathering event:

off-grid charging of the Smart EV and MiEV, both charging at the same time from the autonomous energy cabin.

winter impression, Paul's EV is hidden under the snow.  

Our Green Sun Rising Company Car gets a quick charge at a Level-3 charging station in Detroit.

A Tesla S from Ohio visiting the RET-Center. Our Level 2 Charging stations are always available for electric vehicles.

A picture of the second Level 2 Charging station, attached to a Green Sun Rising Carport in front of the Renewable Energy Technology Center.

Tanja Nuske and her brand new Mitsubishi MiEV, in 2013.

  Tesla's electric roadster car stopped by for a quick charge.
  The roadster is able to travel more then 320 km's (200 miles)
  per charge.

Associate Michael Schneider charges his Chevrolet Volt at the Level 2 charging station at the RET-Center in Windsor.

Chevrolet Volt being charged at the Renewable Energy Technology
Center in Windor.

  The future belongs to solar and clean energy, just the
  technologies we support at the RET-Center, see
  www.RET-Center.com .

The RET-Center with four operating solar systems in place,
plus more demos. The Center is housed in what used to be
a large automotive factory, before it closed down. It now
houses clean tech activities, and www.GreenSunRising.com,
a solar company which develops and implements solar projects.
We also produced solar products and also provide training in solar
technologies, in cooperation with the St. Clair College, and the
University of Windsor.

Our level 2 240V charging station, the first in Windsor Essex
County and presently Canada's Southern-most EV charging

In Septemer 2010 we hosted the first Windsor electric vehicle
event, in cooperation with the University of Windsor, more on
the event page, followed by the second EV event in June 2011
and the third EV Event in June 2012, the forth and the fifth. 
Meanwhile the event is in its sixth successful year – the RET-
hosted the fifth EV-Event in 2014. Please see our
Events page for further details.

We exhibited a solar carport at the 24 & 25 Sept 2011 Windsor
Fall Home Show and Green Living Show, at the Windsor Expo Center.

The future belongs to urban electric transportation, and clean
energy generation.

Sagways being charged at the solar carport during the June
2011 event.

We organise and support events that bring solar power and electric transportation together. Please see the dates and event page.


Ontario Minister Sandra Pupatello at the RET-Center at the
Grand Opening event in April 2010.

MP Jeff Watson's visit to the RET-Center in October 2010:

For further information regarding renewable technology, please
click on the links provided below.